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Yuri Worontschak

Nominating for President of Albert Park Lawn Tennis Club

We currently have 3 men who have been on executive for over 20 years (each) and another two who have been on Committee for over 10 years

We also have only 2 women in a 9 member Committee .

This has to change. It's just unhealthy for any organisation to have  


Welcome to my site. Please consider before voting. I am nominating for a Committee position.
I have been a member of the club for 30 years, live around the corner, former club captain, former doubles champ and Committee member for a year. My pitch to members is below.

There are three men on the committee that have been there for 25 years. One has been there since 1988. 
Surely as a club we should now thank them for their service and politely ask them to move on.

We have not have had a woman on the executive in living memory and women have never made up a majority on the committee. Sadly a third is about the best things get. There is only one woman Life Member and never a female President. That's a disgrace.
It’s time to have a club that’s inclusive and these three men have had more than ample time to make a change. 
Sadly around 10% of members will be there today and it’s unlikely there will be any discussion about this. There never is. Perhaps that can change.

The club deserves better representation.

And just for the record -when I was on Commitee in 2012 I put forward:
1 A proposal to stop male players drinking alcohol in front of children being coached. REJECTED
2 A proposal to have an equal number of women on committee. REJECTED
3 A proposal that we have electronic voting to include all members. REJECTED
4 A proposal to have a housing commission young player on a scholarship REJECTED
5  A proposal to restrict the tenure served on committee. REJECTED
6 A proposal that outside heating be banned for environmental reasons. REJECTED
7 A proposal that the three male members on committee for over 10 years (now over 20) make way for women members. REJECTED
8 A proposal that alcohol not be “gifted” to the winners in Club Champs. REJECTED.
9 A proposal to restrict the tenure of committee members. REJECTED
10 A proposal that a blog be set up for members so there would be community feedback. REJECTED
(I started a blog for the men's team which was shut down)

Finally, I said a lot more at last year's AGM which was under reported in the Secretary's account. 

Please consider a change and vote for inclusion.
Thank you,
Yuri Worontschak

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