Illuminati lizards from Outer Space
 book and lyrics Paul Western Pittard music and lyrics Yuri Worontschak                                          

Illuminati Lizards from Outer Space

Set in the style of all the best ‘B’ movies, when failed beauty-pageant contestant, Tina Morone lands a gig in a run-down theatre, little does she realise it’s a top secret operation  run by Illuminati-lizard Overlords who want to control the world. The problem is – they suck at their job and they’re running out of time before the mission is cancelled and planet earth is annihilated.

ILFOS opened the New York Musicals Festival in 2019 and featured Brian Charles Rooney.

Post Covid we're now pre-production to turn the Lizards into a feature film.


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Studio ALBUm
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16 tracks

 Margaret Fulton I Sang for My Supper 
book and lyrics Doug MacLeod music Yuri Worontschak                                                                       

Margaret Fulton The Musical

Margaret Fulton was a trailblazer who forged the way for working women in drab post war Australia. A bohemien with a strong sense of social justice Margaret's story is delicious slice of Australia history. 

Fulton was first performed at Theatreworks in 2012 and featured the amazing Amy Lehpalmer. SInce then it has been performed throughout Australia from Kalgoorlie to Cairns.

It's is still currently touring.



studio Recordings 16 tracks

The Other side                                   
 book and lyrics Paul Western Pittard music and lyrics Yuri Worontschak                                          

The Other Side

Another musical by the Lizardry pair, Yuri and Paul. Osten is a internet super fan but afraid to leave his own apartment. He lives a vicarious life through Marika, a Euro- pop star. But when Marika apparently dies he finds himself in an emotional vacuum. The musical is a story of freedom, obsession and love in a post truth age. What's it really like on the other side?


Shift Control

Bondi High                                         
 book Brendan Luno music and lyrics Yuri Worontschak and Judd Field                                             

Bondi High

The musical  was performed as a read in 2012 at Bondi Pavilion in Sydney.

It chronicles the life of high school students in 1967 and the issues of the day: Vietnam, conscription, race and sex. 

The music by Yuri Worontschak and Judd Field is now available as an studio album. Judd's lead vocals are just sublime. Yuri rocks all the instruments.

NOW AvAilable on all streaming platforms  
16 tracks

 book and lyrics Ruth Fingret music and lyrics Yuri Worontschak                                                         


A musical set on a cruise ship.  


Two couples meet.

All is not as it seems.


Can the high seas give them want they want?

Circus Oz


Centennary of Federation

Outer Sink

Full Frontal: feat Eric Bana, Gina Riley and Magda Szubanski