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 a light  romantic comedy musical  set on a cruise ship 

Book and Lyrics by Ruth Fingret

Music and Lyrics by Yuri Worontschak

A conservative thirty something couple, Roger and Samantha have been married long enough to know they shouldn’t be any more, but they take a last chance cruise so they can ‘work things out’. He’s betrayed her. But she’s got her own secrets. On their first night they meet their worst nightmare – Astrid. She is a nosy psychiatrist from Miami. Think rich. Blonde. Botoxed. Jack is her cardiologist “husband”: creamy dessert eating, Tequila-loving cardiologist.


What ensues is a fast-paced farce as characters have to hide in each other’s cabins, lie to each other and more. Think a modern-day Private Lives meets Plaza suite only set on a cruise ship.


The conflict comes from the interactions between Roger and Samantha who are doing everything wrong and the brushes they have with Astrid and Jack who seem to be doing everything right.


Themes of betrayal, learning to trust, working out what’s real and what we make up run through the show as all the characters find hope and happiness by the end.


It sends up all that’s joyful, and all that’s a tiny bit cheesy, about cruising. The buffet, the casino, the hairy chest competitions, bingo night, the other passengers, the dance hosts, the wonderful locations and more. 


Ruth is a playwright and director Based in Sydney Australia. She’s written three full length plays and dozens of short ones. These have been well reviewed and made the finals of many festivals.  She also coaches first time novelists through her work with The Writers Studio.  


Yuri the composer based in Melbourne and has written the music for five musicals including Illuminati Lizards from Out of Space which opened the New York Musicals Festival in 2019 and is now being made into a feature film. He currently works for Australia’s national broadcaster as a composer and has worked on hundreds of film and television programs and is well known internationally, having won many awards. 


The writers  met while Ruth directed Margaret Fulton in Sydney. 

Contact: ruth@ruthfingret.com +61 4 1288 1182

Yuri +1 (917) 310-1644

Warning: Yuri is singing on some of these demos :-)

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