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1965, an age of innocence. A time before Woodstock, Sergeant Pepper, the Pill and the horrors of Vietnam. The small town of Surfers Paradise on the east coast of Australia is a summer holiday destination for families. Two groups of teenagers, just finished High School, are spending what could be their last summer together before going their separate ways.
Enter an 18 year old American boy, Errol, with his family. His father has come to build a hotel complex and marina on the untouched surf beach. Errol has spent his life moving around, never staying long enough anywhere to make friends. Will he, an American, be accepted by the Aussie kids? Will his skill on a surfboard impress them? Will he be able, with the help of a friendly Aussie beach girl, to thwart his father’s plans and save the surf beach?

Part 2: BONDI

1967 was a momentous period in history. The escalating Vietnam War witnessed the rise of anti-war protests. Women's rights gained momentum, and the birth control pill further revolutionized their lives. It was also a year of musical transcendence, as the "Summer of Love" unfolded, and the counterculture found its anthem in the ground-breaking music of the time.
Against this tumultuous backdrop, a group of kids just out of school are trying to make their way in the world, working and studying - or in Tracy’s case, hanging out at uni even though she’s not actually enrolled, and managing the local record shop to make ends meet. Vince, one of the shop’s regulars, dreams of forming the greatest band in the world, but for the moment he’s stuck in the storeroom of his parents’ milk bar. Then he meets Mary, the prim country girl down in the big smoke to study teaching, and her sublime voice and unique perspective inspire him to greater heights – as well stirring something else inside him.
But then Russell, Mary’s cousin, and the band’s bass player, gets drafted and sent to Vietnam. What will this mean for the band? And for Tracy, who hooked up with him the night before he was shipped overseas after months of flirting – was it more than just a one-night stand? Will Mary just be the good girl and stand by as Russell ‘does his country proud, or will she finally make a stand? And will Vince get his moment in the spotlight – and the girl?

Part 3: MALIBU

1969, now in her 20s Tracey travels south to Bells Beach, Victoria to enter the surfing championships. Here she discovers the power of this new fangled, just invented magical multi-coloured wet suite.
Alas, she is prevented from her obsession of surfing with the men and beating them.
Along the way she meets Hawaiian soul mate Moama who invites her to Waikiki, Hawaii where she is wet suite ambassador for Rip Curl. Here she learns to hone her surfing skills and meets former love interest Errol who invites her to the Malibu Classic in the US. It's his home town and his father is a judge.
Tracy is determined to compete in the event against the men and with the help of Errol, her magical wet suite and a cunning plan she lives her dream.
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